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Professional Programming with C# - B17
In this course we will learn all the things that we need to have a good understanding to make ourselves as a good quality software developer, through lots of practice with C# programming language. We also learn almost all advanced topics of C#.

Who Can Join This Course?

Fluent knowledge of C/C++ or any other basic programming language

Course Outline

Getting Started.

● Course Rules.
● Introduction to slack channel.
● Introduction to tracker.
● Introduction to Visual Studio.
● Creating first console project.

Version controlling using git.

● Importance of version control.
● One step VS two step version control.
● Understanding repository.
● Basic git operations.
● Using git using Https & SSH.
● Creating and merging branches.
● Conflict resolution.

Working with basic data types.

● C# data types.
● Variables & constants.
● Array, Multidimensional Array, Jagged Array.
● Input / Output processing.

Statements & Operators.

● Conditional Statements.
● Arithmetic Operators.
● Bitwise Operators.
● Logical Operators.
● Loops.

Operations With Text.

● mportant String methods.
● String formatting.
● Character methods.

Working with Class

● Class.
● Namespaces.
● Field, properties.
● Access Modifiers.
● Auto properties.
● Method Overloading.
● Constructor, Destructor/Finalizer.
● Constructor chaining.
● Readonly, const keywords.

Working More with Classes.

● Static Class.
● Abstract Class.
● Interface.
● Method Override, virtual, new, sealed keywords.
● Partial Class.

Other Types.

● Structure.
● Enum.
● DateTime.
● StringBuilder.
● Parameter Modifier.
● Tuple.
● Nullable type.
● Anonymous object.
● dynamic keyword.

Using Generics.

● Generic Class.
● Generic Method.
● Constraints.
● Default keyword.
● Built in Generic data structures.
● Non-generics collection.

Working with Data Access.

● ADO.NET intro.
● CRUD operations.
● SQL Server basics.

Working with Entity Framework.

● DbContext configuration.
● Entity relationship using fluent API.
● Migrations.
● Data Annotations.

File & Streams

● Use of FileInfo & File
● Use of DirectoryInfo & Directory
● File read & write operations
● Use of Streams
● Use of “using” keyword

Important Interfaces.

● IEnumerable.
● ICloneable.
● IDisposable.
● ICollection.

Learn OOP Principles.

● Encapsulation.
● Inheritance.
● Abstraction.
● Polymorphism.

Learn SOLID Principles.

● Single Responsibility Principle.
● Open Closed Principle.
● Liskov Substitution Principle.
● Interface Segregation Principle.
● Dependency Inversion Principle.

C# Advance Features.

● Delegates.
● Events.
● Func & Action.
● Lambda method.
● Linq.

More Advanced Features.

● Threading.
● Async.
● Exception Handling.
● Indexers.
● Reflection.
● Extension method.
● Expression.

New Features in C#.

● New switch statements.
● Interface default implementation.
● Inverse indexing.
● Records.

Batch 17


Monday and Thursday 09:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Starts from Apr 18, 2024

Last date of registration is Apr 15, 2024 (22 Hours 13 Minutes Remaining)

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Md. Jalal Uddin

I am founder & CEO of Dev Skill. I am also a software architect, passionate trainer and consultant.

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What Students Said

it was a great course.learned a lot of things. maybe sir doesn't have the best of explanation abilities but the effort sir gives to solve a problem of a student is amazing.time does not count there.that should be the main reason to do a course under jajal sir.looking forward to course!

istiaque chowdhury
istiaque chowdhury

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 15

This is a perfect course for learning basic c#, OOP, and some advanced features of C#. Besides these, one can also learn using Git, basic DB-related things like CRUD operations. I have learned some advanced things about C# and about some best practices. Also found some new perspectives for thinking. And the pieces of advice we got from Jalal sir were priceless.

Showrav Paul
Showrav Paul

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 15

Alhamdulillah. Course teacher Jalal Uddin sir is amazing. You must have to learn. Otherwise Fail and Out. Everything is fine. It will be great if exam and assignments are checked automatically and instant. This makes the learning process more efficient and responsive.

Md Sha Alam
Md Sha Alam

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 15

Professional C# course in Devskill is an amazing basic course for developing your career in developer.It includes everything about c# with a proper way of coding skills,tricks and new features. This course also improve your competitive programming skills. The instructor is a student friendly and helpful person.This course give a proper guidelines to a beginner level student like me.

MD.Monjurul Islam
MD.Monjurul Islam

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 15

I did not find any issues during this course.

Nasim Reza Hridoy
Nasim Reza Hridoy

Professional Programming with C# Batch: 15

Professional Programming with C# - B17

Tk. 8,000
Registration 22 Hours 13 Minutes Remaining 65 people already registered
Schedule Monday and Thursday 09:00 PM - 11:00 PM Starts from Apr 18, 2024