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Art of Unit Test Writing & TDD

A brief summary

This course is specially designed for gaining expert level skill in Unit Test writing. In this course we will cover Unit Test and it's application from beginner to expert level.

Course highlight

  • Real world exercise scenarios
  • In depth analysis of unit testing & TDD
  • Good practice & conventions of testing
  • Introduction to continuous integration

What you will learn

Learn how to write, maintain and improve unit test for professional software and how to apply TDD in continuous delivery environment. You will master unit test writing by practicing unit test and TDD in real application. You will also learn about good practices of unit test writing as well as the requirements of unit testing.


Introduction to Unit Testing

In this section we will learn what Unit Test is and where it is applicable. We will also learn how it helps us in making maintainable software. We will see some quality factors for unit tests as well.


Concepts of Testable Code

Can we test any code? What are the criteria for testable code? We will learn these concepts in detail to learn how to write testable code and what are the requirement of writing unit tests.


Test Driven Development

We will learn the concept of TDD and how this can ensure better code quality. We will also see the process of TDD in continuous integration environment.


Unit Testing Tools & Frameworks

We will learn what tools we need to write unit tests, we will check several unit testing frameworks and how we can use them in writing unit tests.


Writing Unit Tests

It is time to write some real world unit tests. We can learn many things but unless we get our hands into practice we can't adopt those knowledge. So we will apply our skill in writing unit test to do enough practice to master it.


Apply Test Driven Development

We have learnt about Test Driven Development and how to write Unit Tests. Now it is time to combine them and write code and unit test side by side to practice TDD.

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