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Full Stack MVC Development

A brief summary

This is the ultimate MVC web development course. In this course you will learn how MVC can be used in professional web application development. We will cover various aspects of professional software development process inside this course to give you a real feeling of actual industry oriented software development.


Basic C#, HTML, CSS

Course highlight

  • Real world course curriculum
  • Industry standard process for software development
  • Lot of exercise and practice tasks
  • Project work with real requirement

What you will learn

How to build a professional web application from requirement

Concepts of professional software development

Advance knowledge about real world web development using MVC

Overview of related industry standards such as Git, Unit testing, UML, OOP


Introduction to Web Application

We will learn what is web application, what are the different variants and what are the components of web application. We will also learn what are the common use cases of web applications. We will learn about various technologies and frameworks that are use to develop web application.


Development tools

In this section we will learn what we need to use to develop an MVC application. We will go through the basics of Visual studio, Sql Server, Git, UML Modeling, JIRA, NUnit, NInject & Moq. We will learn how to install and configure these tools to develop web application.


Overview to MVC & C#

We will check what is MVC, why it is special and how it can be used to develop professional web application. We will also cover some fundamental but important C# features that we will be using in developing our web applications. We will learn about MVC pattern and anatomy of an MVC project.


Configuring a new web application using MVC

We will see how we can create a configure a web application using MVC and we will configure user Authentication and Authorization from custom database. We will also see Bootstrap, JQuery and some useful plugins.


Requirement, Design, Planning

We will see how we can fetch requirement of an web application, document them, create software design from the requirement and create task to plan development.


Working with Database

In this part, we will learn about SQL Server which is the de-facto RDBMS for .Net applications. We will write some SQL and Stored procedures and we will see how we can create a data access layer to work with database from C# code. We will also learn about entity framework and using migration tool with code first model.


Building features and organizing them

In this section, we will learn how we can create separate class library projects, Areas and can group codes in modules so that it is reusable, testable and organized. We will develop functional features of a practical project using what we have learned so far.

08 MVC web application deployment

It is time about delivery. As we complete our work, we need to deploy our website in IIS server so that it can be used by users. We will see how we can achieve a professional deployment of our application.


Preparing for industry

In the final step, we will see what we need to know before we go to job interview. We will also learn about code refactoring and unit testing web application.

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