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Professional C# 7.0 Programming

A brief summary

Master one of the top programming languages of today's world. With latest release from .net framework and .net Core, now the advantage of C# language is now far greater than before. Learn C# to develop Web application, Mobile application, Desktop application, Game application and more.


Basic English, Basic Computer Knowledge

Course highlight

  • Good for beginners to start learning programming
  • Detail analysis of C# programming language features
  • Many exercise & practice coding tasks
  • Coverage up-to latest C# 7.0

What you will learn

In this course you will learn C# programming language from scratch, you do not need any programming experience to take this course. You will become comfortable in writing code using C# language and you will also gain enough confidence to try other languages afterwards.

In this course we will go through all features of C# programming important features of C# programming language and will allow you to do enough practice to master them. The exercises are designed to clear your understanding and give you confidence in coding.


Introduction to C# programming

This section will give an overview of what is programming, why we need it and then it will move to C# programming basics. We will setup development environment and configure everything up for our journey ahead.


Managing program flow

Here we will learn about program flow in code, we will see encapsulation as well. We will also learn about types and how to use them in code. We will learn creating new types as well.


Working with Collection

In this section we will learn about collections in C#. We will see how we can create custom collection and can manipulate them. We will also learn about LINQ.


Using Generics

This section will cover C# Generics in detail. We will learn creating Generic types and using them in our code. We will go through advance generic features.


String in C# and its use

String is an important class in C#, we will learn about it in detail. We will see various type of String methods and their uses. We will learn about string formatting as well.


Writing Multi-Threaded code

We will learn about Thread and its uses. We will see how we can write multi threaded codes in C#. We will also learn about various factors that we need to keep in mind when we write multi-threaded code.


Exception Handling

Here we will learn about Exceptions and how to handle Exceptions. We will learn about creating custom exceptions and how these can be used to improve code quality.


Working with Data Access

In this section we will learn about File operations and data manipulation. We will learn about Streams and learn how we can manipulate XML and JSON data.


C# Advance features

Here we will learn about Lamda expression, Reflection, Event and Delegates. We will learn what they are and how we can use them in code to write smart and manageable code.

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