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Mobile Game Development Using Unity 3D

A brief summary

Making games is a creative and technical art form. In this course you will learn about the tools and practices of game development. At the end of the course you will have completed three hands-on projects and will be able to create your own basic games. If you love games and want to learn how to make them, then this course will start you down that path and this course is for individuals interested in becoming a game developer game programmer.


OOP, Data Structure, Basic C# Scripting, Simple Vector Mathematics and Vector Physics, Basic Co-ordinate Geometry

Course highlight

  • Basic 3D Modelling Concepts
  • Game Development
  • Game Design
  • Unity 3D

What you will learn

Learn how to use Unity 3D for Game Development

Learn basic 3D Modelling c0ncepts

Able to make 2D and 3D games for Desktop and Mobile Phones


Introduction to Game Development

We will start our journey to Game Development, learn about Game Design and will plan for a Simple Game.


Introduction to Unity Editor and Coding

Here we will learn about how to use Unity Editor and how to code in C# scripts in Unity. We will also learn how to use basic Data Structures in Unity.


UI Design and Scripting

We will learn about how to make game UI and how to script them.


Introduction to 2D game

We will learn about 2D game concepts and start making a simple 2D game in Unity.


Making a simple 2D game

We will comp[ete our 2D game in this lesson.


Basic 3D modelling using Blender

We will learn about how to use Blender and create 3D models and concepts related to Game Development.


Basic Animation in Blender

We will learn about how to animate in blender and how to create rigged model and animate them.


Working with 3D games

We will learn about 3D game concepts and start making a simple 3D game in Unity.


Making a simple 3D Game

We will comp[ete our 3D game in this lesson and play with some Unity 3D features.


Raycasting and Discussion on Basic AI

We will practice Raycasting and discuss about basic AI for Game Objects.


Unity Asset Store and How to use Standard Assets

We will learn about Unity asset store which has a huge resource on Game Assets and practice how to use them.


Using Standard assets

We will learn about how to use Unity Standard Assets in game and advantages of using them.


Unity production basics

We will discuss and practice about lighting effects and Post Processing Effects in Unity Editor.

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