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UI Design for APP and Website

A brief summary

This course has been designed with effective practical components that makes you a professional/ commercial UI designer. From the Information architecture to Sketch to Wireframe to prototype and UI design. This course is highly structural, concrete, substantial and very well structured.

Make Industry standard and User focused Design that always win.

So, Ignite your aesthetic sense and be a perfectionist!


Basic Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Course highlight

  • In-house live practice by using Pencil, Paper, Software (Axure, Photoshop, Illustrator).
  • Understanding Human Psychology and Human Computer Interaction (HCI).
  • Understanding Design Principle, Design Pattern along with Typography, Color theory, Layout, Iconography etc.
  • Hands on practice to develop UI and other artifacts.
  • Live Examples and theoretical content.
  • Software and Online tools learning to develop Wireframe, Prototype, Process flow, UI and many more.
  • UI Portfolio and marketplace knowledge.

What you will learn

Designing Mobile app, Website, Software from scratch.

Creating Wireframe and Prototype to validate the design.

Usability Testing by 3 types of user.

Understanding and Hands on Experience on Prototyping software/ tools.

Hands on Experience on Photoshop, Illustrator to develop UI.

Be able to decide which typeface, color and pattern to use.

Understating difference between iOS and Android.


Psychology and Human Factors for UI Design

Designer Vs Non Designer Thinking, Why UI matters for Business.? Does it increase revenue? How people See, Read, Remember, Think, Feel, Decide, Focus their attention. What Motivates people, Case Study,


UX in UI

Elements of UX. Understanding UI activity in UX domain. How UX can be enhanced by an effective UI. ROI of UX and also UI, Business case. 4x4 Knowledge Management.


Principle of Design

Layout (Grid, alignment, consistency), Typography, Color Theory, Gestalt Principle, Iconography, Understanding Balance, proportion, proportion, rhythm, emphasis, unity, white space, movement, repetition and contrast. How in increase readability,


UI Pattern

Design patterns, Design System, Best practices for creating UI components within design systems. Accessibility and assisted technology understanding, Brutalism and Antidesign, List of Antipattern and how to manage them. Photography in UI, Live Example,


UI Design Process/ Interaction Design

Information architecture, Interaction Modeling, Mental Modeling, Storyboards, User Flow, Low, Mid and Hi-Fidelity wireframe, Making of Interactive and Paper Prototype, Prototyping Tools, Task Model,


Prototyping and Usability Testing

Testing Methodology, Offline and Online tools, Case Study, Testing plan, execution, data collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation and incorporation, Heuristics Review, A/B testing, Remote and Moderate Usability Testing, Omnichanel Study, 3 point usability testing, Filed Work.


Step-by-step guide to UI Design for Desktop and Mobile

Responsive and Adaptive UI Design, Designing Multi-state screen, Developing UI by Photoshop and Illustrator, Rasterization, Retina-ready”, the growing importance of Vector/SVG in responsive design. Dark Interface, Types of APP and Website, Design Strategy, Increasing aesthetic sense, Presentation and getting feedback, Style Guide, Pairing with Developers.

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