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Professional Cyber Security Fundamentals

Professional Cyber Security Fundamentals


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This is a very beginner course with a solid foundation. What you can get from this course are 1) Basic Security Testing on Websites and prepare a Pen Testing Report 2) Overall Security Awareness and how to conduct a Security Awareness Program 3) How to protect and harden your website 4) Social Engineering - How to manage and educate your own security team 5) How to protect and strengthen your personal computer's security 6) How to maintain your Cybersecurity hygiene in your organization.

Who Can Join This Course?

Corei5 with 8 GB RAM, A very good user of Windows O/S, and A strong determination to spend 10 hours of study time per week.

Course Outline

Introduction to Cyber Security

● Overview of IT Security & Cyber Security
● Career Track detail discussion & course outcome.
● Cybersecurity various terminologies

Lab Setup for Cyber Security Attack Simulation

● Why do we need virtualization?
● Setup of VirtualBox, Kali Linux, Metasploit, WinXP, Win10 and others
● Various tools required for cybersecurity

Linux Fundamentals required for IT Security

● Linux basic commands
● Files & directory structures
● Users and privileges
● Services
● How to use them effectively

Networking Fundamentals

● Basic network components
● Network protocols
● OSI Model & Three-way Handshake

Python Fundamentals required for IT Security

● Variables
● Strings
● Conditional Statements
● Operators & Maths
● Functions
● Loops
● List
● File Operation

Cybersecurity Tools & Applications

● Metasploit
● Process Hacker
● Network Miner
● Others

Hacking Phases - Reconnaissance & Footprinting

● Overview, Tools & Techniques,
● Passive and Active Recon
● Scanning & Enumeration (How to interact with online LAB)

Introduction to Malware Analysis

● Malware Analysis Fundamentals
● How to prepare your own sandbox for testing
● How to analyse using online sandboxes

Introduction to Vulnerability Management & Web Pen Testing

● NMAP & other Tools & Techniques
● Pen Testing simulation lab
● Pen Test Report Sample
● Nmap, Nikto and other open-source tools.

SOC Fundamentals

● Incident Analysis, Response and Triage
● Detail discussion of phases
● Tools & Techniques
● Discussion about various real-life scenarios

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

● Introduction to various SIEM solutions
● Introduction to Splunk ( with free Certification )
● Wazuh Fundamentals

Effective use of Linked profile

● Why we need a strong LinkedIn profile
● How to maintain and use most of it.

Job Interview Preperation

● How to write an effective cybersecurity-focused resume
● Mock interview

Next Step for Intermediate to Advanced Cybersecurity

● What resources to follow
● How to proceed with self-study

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Mashihoor Rahman

Working as a Cyber Security Analyst (SOC Analyst/Incident Responder) in the Security Operation Center (SOC) at a multinational IT Company, Melbourne, Australia.

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