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Professional Cyber Security Career

Professional Cyber Security Career


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Cyber Security is a vital part of day to day Information Technology domain. If you are a programmer, system analyst, system administrator, students or a general computer user, it is better to understand IT Security/ Cyber Security to keep yourself safe and protected from cyber threats and cyber criminals. This course is designed to mentor you with practical labs, industry knowledge & real-life experience. After successful completion of this course you will have a solid baseline knowledge and confidence to become a IT Security Analyst /Cyber Security Analyst .

Who Can Join This Course?

Basic programming knowledge, PC/Laptop with minimum 8 GB RAM, Ensure 6-8 hrs./week practice time.

Course Outline

Introduction to IT & Cyber Security Overview

● Overview of IT Security
● Branches & Domains of IT Security
● Cyber Sec Opportunities / Home & Abroad
● Job Opportunities in Cyber Security

Linux fundamentals required for IT Security

● Linux commands summary
● Files & directory structures
● Users and privileges
● Services

Python required for IT Security

● Strings
● Conditional Statements
● Operators & Maths
● Functions
● Loops
● List
● File Operation

Cybersecurity Tools & Applications

● Metasploit
● Process Hacker
● x64dbg
● others

Security Lab Setup

● VirtualBox
● Kali
● XP
● Metasploit Box
● Win-Server
● Win-10

Reconnaissance Overview

● Theory
● Tools & Techniques
● Lab Simulation

Scanning and Enumeration

● Tools & Techniques
● Enumerating HTTP
● Enumerating SMB
Lab simulation

Vulnerability Management & Web Pretesting

● Tools & Techniques
● Pen Testing simulation lab
● Pen Test Report Sample

Malware Analysis

● Sample analysis using lab
● Malware analysis using OSINT tools

Use of OSINT ( Open Source Intelligence)

● Tools & Techniques
● Practical Scenarios

Incident Response & Analysis - SOC Stages

● Detail discussion about phases
● Tools & Techniques
● Discussion about various real life scenarios

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

● Introduction to various SIEM solutions
● Introduction to Splunk ( with free Certification )
● Wazuh

Active Directory Attack Scenario

● Introduction Lab setup
● Complete Simulation & practice of AD Attacks
● Tools related to AD PenTesting

Phishing Email Analysis

● Introduction to IDS / IPS System & Lab Setup
● How to install Snort and create rules to detect threat

Security Projects using Python

● Sample project ideas and implementation
● How to create custom tools using python.

Overview of CompTIA Security+ Exam

● Introduction to CompTIA Security+ Exam
● How to take preparation with a roadmap
● Official CompTIA LAB Access and practice

Job Interview Preparation

● Mock interview with working Security professionals.

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Mashihoor Rahman

Working as a Cyber Security Analyst (SOC Analyst/Incident Responder) in the Security Operation Center (SOC) at a multinational IT Company, Melbourne, Australia.

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What Students Said

The problem we face in the cyber security domain is the proper guidance on where to start and what would be the roadmap. This part was rigorously covered by this course and our instructor moshihoor vi wholeheartedly tries to help each and every one regarding their needs. After this course, I got a clear picture of cyber security domains and on which domain I can focus. If anyone wants to start a career in cyber security this course is the proper place to start. If moshihoor vi launches further courses from where this course ends I will join surely - that's what kind of impact he has on me.


Professional Cyber Security Career Batch: 3

To be honest. The mentor gave his 100% to the course and is completely professional. The course not only covers the course modules but also many more and you can get connected with the security professionals.

Jakaria Shakil
Jakaria Shakil

Professional Cyber Security Career Batch: 3

As a cybersecurity enthusiast, I really love this course. Because of it's well maintained and structural syllabus. The course and the content of cybersecurity was excellent. The instructor was very knowledgeable and as clear as could be expected with the explanation. Good course that would recommend to others.

Ali Zishan
Ali Zishan

Professional Cyber Security Career Batch: 3

The thing about Mashihoor sir is he won't give up on you and always show you a way in case you lag behind. এই বৈশিষ্ট্য এর জন্যেই একজন ট্রেইনার হিসেবে উনি অন্যদের থেকে আলাদা। আপনি যদি এই সাইবার সিকিউরিটি সেক্টরে কাজ করার ব্যাপারে আগ্রহী এবং কাজ শিখার ব্যাপারে ডিটার্মাইন্ড হয়ে থাকেন, মাশিউর স্যার তাহলে আপনার জন্যে একজন অন্যতম সেরা মেন্টর হিসেবে থাকবেন।

Ali Noor Faiyaz
Ali Noor Faiyaz

Professional Cyber Security Career Batch: 3

Alhamdulillah This is a good course for beginners. Beginners will get perfect basic guidelines about cyber security.Instructor Mashihoor Rahman sir is friendly, helpful, and professional in teaching.

Kawsar Uddin Ahmed
Kawsar Uddin Ahmed

Professional Cyber Security Career Batch: 3

Professional Cyber Security Career

Tk. 20,000
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