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DevOps Fundamental Course - B4

DevOps Fundamental Course - B4


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The DevOps Fundamentals Course is designed to provide the core education necessary to build your DevOps vocabulary and to understand its principles and practices DevOps tools . With the help of key DevOps Culture,concepts and terminology, real life case studies, examples and interactive group discussions and extensive exercises in each module you will acquire a fundamental understanding of DevOps. Course highlight: You will have access to AWS account to practice everything on your own (Related to AWS DevOps and other Integration and Deployment) You will get video recording from each class Practical assignments that help you get familiar with real-world DevOps Culture and Tools Group activity among students to share knowledge Real-Time experiences share with the students Online Test Exam Course Materials

Who Can Join This Course?

Cloud Fundamentals,1-2 years of job experiences in software industry as Software Developer, System Admin, Cloud Engineer etc.

Course Outline

AWS Introduction and Solution Architect Perspective.

● Introduction to Cloud Computing .
● Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
● Compute Services (EC2 Instances, Elastic Beanstalk, AMI Etc.).
● Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS).
● LOAD BALANCING, ELB, ALB, NLB & Auto Scaling .
● Network , Content Delivery related and Domain hosting related services.
(VPC,SG,NACL,API Gateway,Route53,Cloudfront etc.).
● Amazon Route 53.
● Security & Identity Services, (IAM , ACM, Directory Service, Guard Duty, KMS etc.).
● Storage & Content Delivery Services, (S3,EBS,EFS,Storage Gateway, Glacier etc.).
● Database Services (RDS, NoSQL Service).
● Management Tools (Amazon Cloud watch, Cloud Formation, config etc.).
● Application Services (SES, SQS, SNS, Athena, Elasticsearch etc.).

What is DevOps. Overview of DevOps.

● What is DevOps? Why DevOps and How DevOps Culture overcome legacy
● DevOps Market Trends and software development methodology (SDLC).
● Agile, Waterfall & DevOps development procedure.
● DevOps Ecosystem and Understand the IT Service development and deployment

AWS DevOps Knowledge.

● AWS DevOps tool’s introduction.
● AWS CI/CD Pipeline Deployment Automation with the necessary tools.

Jenkins Integration.

● What is Jenkins?
● What is CI?
● Why CI is Required?
● How to create and run CI/CD Pipeline?
● Adding a slave node to Jenkins.
● Building Delivery Pipeline.

GitHub Foundation.

● GitHub Basic and introduction.
● GitHub Actions Introduction and working with GitHub actions.
● GitHub workflows introduction and working with this.

Containerization with Docker: Ecosystem and Networking.

● Introduction to Docker.
● Introduction to Dockerfile and images.
● Introduction to Dockerhub and containerization.
● Docker Compose.
● Running Containers.
● Introduction to Docker Networking.
● Docker Container Networking.

Configuration Management with Ansible.

● What is Ansible?
● And Ansible Installation.
● Ansible Hosts.
● Configuring Ansible Roles.
● Write Playbooks.

Containerization using Kubernetes.

● Introduction to Kubernetes.
● Revisiting Kubernetes Cluster Architecture.
● Basic and Installation of Kubernetes.
● Creating a Service in Kubernetes.
● Installing the Kubernetes Dashboard.
● Networking in Kubernetes.

Service Mesh- Istio.

a. What is Service Mesh and Istio?
● What is Istio and how it works?
● Core features of Service Mesh.
● Service mesh and Istio Architecture.

Code Build, SCM and Testing.

● Maven, Gradle, Ant basics.
● Basic of Test automation from a CICD tools.

Automated cloud infrastructure management (IaC service) Cloudformation.

● Automated cloud infrastructure management.

Terraform Basics and Configuration (IaC tool ).

● Terraform Introduction.
● Getting started with Terraform.
● Terraform basics and state.
● Terraform with AWS.
● Terraform Modules, provisioners and functions.

DevOps Quiz Test.

● DevOps Quiz Test with experience sharing.

Batch 4


Monday and Friday 09:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Starts from Nov 18, 2022

Last date of registration is Oct 31, 2022 (1 Month Remaining)

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Khalid Bin Sattar

Over 11 years of field level and job experiences in Systems Administration, DevOps and Cloud Computing. Also certified AWS Solution Architect Associate,Certified Kubernetes Administer,Certified DevOps Generalist

What Students Said

I am a Python Backend Developer and I did not know about ABC of DevOps. Now I know about DevOps. It is a very well design course. It is a great opportunity to learn from a highly qualified and experienced instructor who taught every topic and tool very practical way and he is very friendly. Thank you our course instructor Mr. Khalid Bin Satter and DevSkill for arranging such a great course. I hope DevOps knowledge will be open more opportunities for my career.

Md. Shahriar Hosen
Md. Shahriar Hosen

DevOps Fundamental Course Batch: 3

This course gave me the foundation of DevOps. Before taking this course , I knew a little about DevOps. This course is well organized, but I suggest next time please take more classes and assignments. Also if any opportunity for internship, it will more helpful for our knowledge.

Md. Mehedy Hasan
Md. Mehedy Hasan

DevOps Fundamental Course Batch: 3

First of all, thanks for arranging this informative course. This course was very rich with state-of-the-art contents and tools with an experienced trainer. However, it was lacking hands-on-labs. Without hands-on-labs it's impossible to master these topics and tools properly and quickly, as a result a lot of participants (in my opinion) dropped this course midway or lost interest. I would have been more than happy to pay double the course fee just for extra 1-2 hour of hands-on-labs session with each session. it could have been 1 hour theory cum demonstration + 1.5 hour hands-on-labs.

Md. Thoukir Hasan Ha-Mim
Md. Thoukir Hasan Ha-Mim

DevOps Fundamental Course Batch: 3

Being a developer I must say it's a well-furnished course to start the DevOps journey. From a bunch of DevOps tools, one can easily get distracted by what to learn. This course gives an idea of the tools that needed to be mastered in becoming a DevOps Engineer and also the standards that industries follow. Course content is good, but the theory/demonstration part should have been extended along with more hands-on labs. Finally, I would like to thank our instructor Khalid Bin Sattar for his kind gestures and for sharing his industry experience.

Yeasin Arafat
Yeasin Arafat

DevOps Fundamental Course Batch: 3

I enjoyed the course. Mr. Khalid Bin Sattar was a very good instructor. He explains the topics, shows practical examples. The course materials are rich and informative. The assignments helped me to understand the topics more. We had hands-on experiences with various DevOps tools in the course.

Md. Talat Morshed
Md. Talat Morshed

DevOps Fundamental Course Batch: 3

DevOps Fundamental Course - B4

Tk. 15,000Tk. 13,500 10% discount offer valid for 31 more days only

Registration 1 Month Remaining
Schedule Monday and Friday 09:00 PM - 11:00 PM Starts from Nov 18, 2022