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Become a Full Stack Web Ninja With Laravel, VueJS & AWS

Become a Full Stack Web Ninja With Laravel, VueJS & AWS


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Laravel is an expressive, elegant and beautiful web development framework and a great foundation to make yourself a full stack web ninja. Web development now-a-days is a battle, a battle of skills. Prepare to fight your battle with the strong blades of Laravel from core to death. This course will engage you in working with practical, real world projects. You will learn how to think and act for starting a small project from scratch and take it to an optimised, full-featured ever-growing web project. It will build you a solid foundation, on which you can build your castle of web development career.

Who Can Join This Course?

Familiarity with basic HTML, CSS, PHP, Mysql, JS

Course Outline


- Introduction to Laravel.
- Course Outline.
- Familiarise with real world web development.

OOP & Design Patterns in PHP

- Basic Object Oriented Programming Concepts
- Why we need design patterns
- The SOLID design principles
- Creational Design Patterns
- Design patterns (Factory, Abstract Factory, Builder Prototype, Singleton, Prototype, Facades)

Setting up Laravel Environment

The "Conventional" Way
- Composer
- Apache
- Redis

Using Docker (Bonus)
- Redis

Introduction to Version Controlling System
- Git
- Github

Introduction to AWS
- Free tier account in AWS
- AWS Basics (Regions, Availability Zones, IAM, EC2, ELB)
- SSH into your own EC2 instance

Understanding Laravel Architecture Concepts

- Request Lifecycle
- Service Container
- Service Providers
- Facades
- Contracts

Simple ToDo App using blade & bootstrap

- Database schema design
- Create database tables using migrations
- Configuring Models & Relations
- Web Routing
- Middleware
- Controller
- Authentication
- CRUD with Eloquents & Query Builder
- Views
- Frontend development with blade and JS/JQuery & bootstrap
- Notifications
- Settings

Building an instagram clone Part 1 (System Analysis)

- Requirements assessment
- Capacity estimations
- Highlevel system & Database design
- Component Design
- Reliability & Consistency
- Performance Optimization Evaluation

Building an instagram clone Part 2 (Database and model configuration)

- Schema Design
- Creating migrations using schema definition
- Create and setting up models with relations

Building an instagram clone Part 2 (API development)

API development in Laravel

API Authentication
- OAuth
- Passport
- Access Tokens

Basic API Stuffs
- Routing
- API validations & Error Responses

Users API
- Sign Up
- Login
- Email Verification (with AWS SES)
- Password Reset (AWS SES)
- Follow/Unfollow user
- User Profile

Posts API
- Creating posts
- Uploading Images (with AWS S3)
- Optimisation 1: Queue Post Creation (with AWS SQS)
- Fetching posts
- Optimisation 2: Paginate posts
- Rank posts
- Optimisation 3: Schedule post ranking algorithm
- Optimisation 4: Query Caching with Redis
- Post Details

Reactions API
- Reaction CRUD
- Count Reactions/Post in post list api (Like/Comments)
- Load Reactions in Posts (Dashboard)
- Load paginated comments in post details

Building an Instagram clone Part 3 (Frontend Development)

- Typescript Basics
- Single Page Application (SPA) vs Server Side Rendering (SSR)
- Setting up SSR with express and nodejs
- Authentication & cookie management
- Express Routing
- Setting up Vue CLI & Vuetify
- Setting up CSS preprocessor (SCSS)
- Configuring API client
- Posting and fetching data with api client
- Component Design
- Data management with VUEX
- Front end Development
- Sing Up/Login Page
- Dashboard with infinite scroll pagination
- Profile Page
- Notifications
- Inbox
- Testing (Unit, E2E)
- Bundling (Webpack) & Production Build
- Continuous integration with CIRCLE CI

Deployment and performance optimization

- Deploying in EC2 with manual configuration
- Load Balancing with AWS ELB


- Real life software development scenario
- Practical scenario of Agile based development
- Software development etiquettes & manners

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Md. Jalal Uddin

I am founder & CEO of Dev Skill. I am also a software architect, passionate trainer and consultant.

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