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OnSite Beginner

UI Design for APP and Website

This course has been designed with effective practical components that makes you a professional/ commercial UI designer. From the Information architecture to Sketch to Wireframe to prototype and UI design. This course is highly structural, concrete, substantial and very well structured. Make Industry standard and User focused Design that always win. So, Ignite your aesthetic sense and be a perfectionist!

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OnSite Intermediate

Building Modern Web Application in ASP.NET Core

The goal of this course is to learn how to build a fully working web app with asp.net core. You will learn the movement of .NET core, why you should choose ASP.NET Core over other existing technologies, the concept of MVC, the new shiny Entity Framework Core , some aspects of Security and deployment in great details.

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OnSite Advance

Developing Scalable Software With AWS

In this course we will deep dive into AWS services and use them in real life applications. We will learn about advance use cases. After this course, you will be able to develop professional applications that use AWS cloud services.

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OnSite Beginner

Professional Python Programming

Python is one of the most demanding programming language in the world. It is also one of the most popular programming languages in recent time. In our Python course we will cover all the important features of this programming language and we will dive into some examples that will help the learner to use this language in day to day programming.

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OnSite Intermediate

Mastering PHP Laravel

This is the ultimate Laravel development course designed to prepare you for the professional software development using PHP - Laravel framework. This course will cover in-dept knowledge about how Laravel can be used to develop and deliver real world web application from designing to deployment.

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OnSite Intermediate

Full Stack Asp.net MVC Development

This is the ultimate Asp.net MVC web development course. In this course you will learn how Asp.net MVC can be used in professional web application development. We will cover various aspects of professional software development process inside this course to give you a real feeling of actual industry oriented software development.

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