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Md Shahriar Hossain Sajib

Software Engineer

Always eager to solve real world problems. Participated in many onsite programming contest. My cf handle: Introverted. Currently working as a Software Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute, Bangladesh.

Instructor Of: Programming Fundamentals

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Khalid Bin Sattar

CloudOps,DevOps and Systems Administration

Over 10 years of field level and job experiences in Systems Administration, DevOps and Cloud Computing. Also certified AWS Solution Architect Associate,Certified Kubernetes Administer,Certified DevOps

Instructor Of: Docker Essentials

Instructor Of: Kubernetes Essentials

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Md Sadman Sakib

Software Engineer

I am Md Sadman Sakib, an engineering graduate from University of Dhaka, specialized in Computer Science & Engineering. I love to learn,code,eat and travel! My CF Handle: reverse_macro

Instructor Of: Programming Fundamentals

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MD. Jalal Uddin

Software Architect

I am a software architect with 10+ years of work experience in the software industry both home and abroad. I am currently doing research in cloud computing and enterprise software architecture.

Instructor Of: Learn PHP Step by Step

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Maksud Alam

UX and CX Specialist

Data driven UX Evangelist. Have a hand in Design, Create, Promote and Scale Product/ Service as well as Brand across National and International.

Instructor Of: Master in Graphic Design

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Saad Bin Bashar

Mobile App Developer

I have been working as a mobile app developer for the last 2 years. My main stack is React Native. Currently pursuing my Masters in Computer Science and working as a mobile app developer in Malaysia.

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Md.Sadman Sakib

Software Engineer

Software Engineer who loves problem solving. Currently sharpening software engineering and system design skills.

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Md Mashihoor Rahman

IT Security Analyst

Working as a IT Security Analyst (SOC Analyst/Incident Responder) in the Security Operation Center (SOC) at a multinational IT Company, Melbourne, Australia.

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H. M. Mohidul Islam

Software Developer

For about 5 years, I am professionally involved with software development as a full-stack software developer. During this period, mainly I worked on JavaScript, PHP & C# language-based projects.

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Md Mahedi Hasan

System & Network Professional

As a System & Network professional, I have been playing the role of System Admin since 2009. Currently, I'm working as a Network Engineer (Executive Engineer), ICT Cell, University of Dhaka.

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Arnab Dhar

Senior Software Engineer

I am an innovative Javascript Developer with 6 years experience in blending the art of design with the skill of object-oriented programming.

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Sharif Minhazul Islam

Competitive Programmer

I am a competitive programmer with 7+ years of experience in participating in many national & international contests. I love teaching, problem solving and learning new tech. CF Handle: MinhazIbnMizan.

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Rezaul Hoque


I am a competitive programming enthusiast. I like to solve various algorithmic problems and challenges. Solved numerous programming problems on various online judges. My cf handle: rezaulhsagar

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