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Kubernetes Essentials

A brief summary

Now a days most well known buzz word in the software industry is "Kubernetes" . Kubernetes Essentials Course will help you to learn how to develop and deploy web applications, different kind of services with Kubernetes technologies. Take your DevOps skills to the next level.


Basic Networking, Container knowledge ,Basic programming and Linux operating system knowledge

Course highlight

  • Clear and complete examples
  • Practical hands on exercises
  • Professional approach and standards used
  • Assignments and Exams

What you will learn

After completing this course you will have clear idea about using Kubernetes in day to day DevOps and Development work. You will be able to understand the Kubernetes architecture and fundamental elements of Kubernetes. You will be able to use Kubernetes in professional work as well as you can use it for your own development work as well.


● Introduction to Kubernetes

1. What is Kubernetes? 2. Why we need Kubernetes in our DevOps Life ?


● Kubernetes Overview

1. What is Container ? 2. Container Overview .


● Kubernetes Cluster Architecture

1. Introduction of Kubernetes Cluster 2. Kubernetes Architecture 3. Kubernetes Cluster Architecture 3. Cluster Networking


● Kubernetes Setup

1. Introduction of Kubernetes Setup 2. Minikube 3. Minikube Setup


● Basic Concepts – PODS,Replicasets,Deployments,Services,Nodes etc.

1. PODs 2. Replica Controllers, Replicasets 3. Deployments 4. Services 5. Nodes


● YAML Introduction

1. Introduction to YAML 2. YAML for PODs 3. Learn YAML basics 4. Learn essential YAML syntax


● Installation of Kubernetes

1. Basic Kubernetes Installation with Minikube, 2. Kubernetes Installation with KOPS 3. Kubernetes Installation with Kubeadm


● Networking in Kubernetes

1. Basic Kubernetes Networking 2. Pod-to-Service Networking 3. Pod-to-Pod, across Nodes Networking 4. Service to POD networking 5. Internet to Service Networking


● Creating a Service in Kubernetes

1. Services Intro 2. Services-NodePort 3. Services-ClusterIP 4 Services-LoadBalancer


● Installing the Kubernetes Dashboard

1. Installing Kubernetes Dashboard with Minikube 2. Create services in Dashboard and run it accordingly.


● Kubernetes on Cloud

1. Introduction Kubernetes on Cloud 2. Kubernetes on AWS 3. Kubernetes on GCP


● Microservices

1. Microservices Architecture 2. Deploying an app on Kubernetes


● Conclusion

1. Final Quiz/final Assignment 2. Future guidance/references 3. Conclusion

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