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Competitive Programming - Intermediate

A brief summary

If you want to improve your basic algorithmic problem solving skill and improve in National contests and Codeforces contests, you should enroll in this course. We will conduct the course in a suitable way even for the very beginners. After completing this course, you should be able to solve the basic algorithmic and data-structure problems and have a clear idea of what to learn for the Advanced Level.


C/C++ programming language

Course highlight

  • Learn to solve problems
  • Assignment for every lesson taught in the class
  • We will help you debug in the beginning
  • It will give you a head start for your university algorithm and data-structure classes

What you will learn

At the end of the course, you should be able to solve Codeforces div2A, B, C problems comfortably. You will also have clear idea of what to learn next to up your level.



i) Time/Memory Complexity, examples of nested loops and recursions



i) introduction, mechanism, library functions ii) vector iii) Stack/queue/deque iv) Priority Queue v) set/map/multi/unordered


Binary Search

i) Binary Property ii) Lower and upper bound iii) Using binary property in complex problems


Ternary Search

i) Ternary Property ii) Using ternary property in complex problems



i) Recursive equation ii) Divide and Conquer iii) Quick select iv) Inversion count



i) Recap ii) Merge sort iii) Quick sort



i) Substring, Subsequence, substring, palindrome, anagram recap ii) Matching iii) Hashing



i) Prove/disprove greedy approach ii) Task sheduling iii) Fractional knapsack iv) Coin Change v) And many more


Number Theory

i) Sieve of Eratosthenes ii) Factorization iii) Fermat's little theorem iv) Modular Arithmetic v) Totient function


Disjoint set union

i) Mechanism ii) Various applications


Graph theory

i) Introduction and definitions ii) Storing graphs


Graph Travarsal and shortest path

i) DFS/BFS ii) Various properties and applications iii) Dijkstra



i) Brute force ii) Permutation generation iii) Graph coloring


Dynamic programming

i) Introduction, properties, states ii) Ancestors of DP: Fibonacci, Factorial, nCr iii) Classics and variations


Segment Tree

i) Basic segment Tree

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Students feedback/comment about this course

Student Photo

Marium Ema

Posted On: 16-Jul-2021

I think this course has covered all important topics. The instructor of this course was Md Shahriar Hossain Sajib who is really a very good instructor I must say. Many topics on which I had a vague understanding, got cleared after completing this course. I'll highly recommend this course to all, who intend to prepare for competitive programming, or who want to take a good preparation for the coding interviews. I would like to thank DevSkill and Mr. Sajib for this wonderful course, and my best wishes for the upcoming students.

Student Photo


Posted On: 07-Jul-2021

It was really helpful to improve my skill.. Our Instructor Sajib bro also helpful. The content of this course also nice. And this course improve my experience and coding skill.

Student Photo

Al Amin Alif

Posted On: 01-Jul-2021

There has been some really good in depth learning experience for me. The teacher mr sadman is excellent and possess deep understanding of the subject. Wishing all the best for all future students of this course.

Student Photo

Mahi Shahriar Rony

Posted On: 06-Jun-2021

This course taught me a lot about data structures . Besides, Sajib bhaia really helped us a lot during this course. He gave us clear perception about real world scenario on how we can do better. This journey was so mesmerizing for all of us. Thank you Devskill especially Sajib bhaia.

Student Photo

Md. Rabiul Islam Santo

Posted On: 05-Jun-2021

The course is found so helpful for me. I also thanks to Sajib vai for outstanding teaching skill and also devskil team to engage with this helpful courses. My feedback about this courses is positive.

Student Photo

Mokit Hossain

Posted On: 05-Jun-2021

As, this course is an intermediate level, so some prerequisite is needed. Here, lots of importance topic is covered in the classes according to course syllabus. This is necessary for competitive programming contest. At this course, the most importance part is that you need to spent more time on the problem solving. Classes will help you to understand and recognize the problem but to familiar with the problem you need solve those types problems. Md Shahriar Hossain Sajib was our course instructor. He was very helpful. He was covered most of the topic that's need for our stage and provided a good contest set problems.

Student Photo

Kazi Imon Hossain

Posted On: 05-Jun-2021

Without having strong knowledge in Basic Data Structure and Algorithm, It is quite impossible to get a job in the Software industry. I believe the Competitive Programming - Beginner course provides a good platform for us to enhance our knowledge. After doing this course, one can be benefited. Our instructor Md Shahriar Hossain Sajib vayea is an awesome person. There is no dought about his skills and his teaching is really appreciatable. I can just say that Md Shahriar Hossain Sajib vai role model of the teachers.

Student Photo

Taivan Reza Dipto

Posted On: 01-Jun-2021

Being a fresher, I had basic programming knowledge. I was stuck at a point about what to learn next. Then, along with one of my friends I enrolled in the course. My instructor was friendly and helped me fill my gaps and introduce me to new algorithms. I hope all of these things that I learned would give me an ace in the future. A small suggestion (also a request), it would be really helpful for anyone if he gets access to all of the video recordings.

Student Photo

Kazi Hasnayeen Emad

Posted On: 01-Jun-2021

I'm a student of batch 10 and Shahriar Sajib vai was my instructor. This course is very organized and Sajib vai is outstanding! He presents hard things in a very simple manner. He actually makes things easy for you. But if you have any basic problems that you should've known before then Sajib vai is not going to explain it for you as it is not part of this course. So make sure you clear out your basic concepts before enrolling in this course. However, I'm very pleased with his behavior. He is very friendly. He always there to help us, to guide us, to instruct us. He also sometimes shared his experience with Google. Also instructed us on how to prepare ourselves for the industry level. Finally, I would say I'm very proud to be a student of Shariar Sajib vai. I hope he won't forget us after this course and keep inspiring us as always. Thanks for this wonderful experience Sajib vai. Love you...

Student Photo

Abdur Rashed

Posted On: 01-Jun-2021

The Course covers all intermediate topics that are essential for participating in competitions. A very informative and detailed course on competitive programming. A perfect course for a beginner to begin with. Grateful to tutors and the material they presented.

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