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Complete C++ for Competitive Programming

A brief summary

Solving a problem is meaningless if you can't convert it to a workable code in a contest that covers all the edge cases. Solving a problem, writing its code in an efficient language is a must for a problem solver. And currently, the fastest known coding language for a competitive programmer is undoubtedly C++.

We will go through each C++ concepts needed for a competitive programmer in order to ace in contests and problem solving.


Good logic sense. Familiarity with at least one programming language will even boost your learning, but it is not mandatory.

Course highlight

  • Learn to write codes in C++
  • Focus on writing small, concise, clean and efficient codes in C++ for complex problems
  • This course will prepare you for competitive programming and problem solving in C++.

What you will learn

You will be able to write efficient, bug-free codes in C++ for contests and your projects.


Knowledge sharing of Basic Computer Fundamentals

» Components of a Computer » How caching works » How CPU works » Number systems » Number base conversion » Fancy discussion about Enigma


Introduction to C++

» Introduction to IDE » Main difference between IDE and Compiler » Installing CodeBlocks


Hello World - explaining first program!

» Step by step explanation of a program


Arithmetic & Logical Operations

» Basic arithmetic and logical operations in C++


Bitwise Operation

» Basic bitwise operations and it's application


C++ Code Comments & Preprocessors

» In depth discussions on C++ code comments and preprocessors


Conditional Operators in C++

» Introduction to conditional operators in C++ with examples


Basic I/O Handling

» Basic I/O handling from console » Basic I/O handling from files



» Types of loop in C++ » Discussion on each type of loop in C++ with various examples


String Manipulation in C++

» String manipulation with STL in C++



» Discussion on function in C++ and it's usage


Structures and Classes in C++

» Discussion on structures in C++ and it's usage » Discussion on classes in C++ and it's usage » Application of structures and classes in Competitive Programming


Basic OOP Concepts in C++

» Discussion on operator and method overloading in C++ » Knowledge sharing about writing small, concise code with operator overloading in C++ for contests » Discussion on Inheritance in C++


Introduction to C++ STL

» Introduction to the most powerful library functions of C++ STL (Standard Template Library) » Discussion on application of C++ STL in contests.


Introduction to Competitive Programming with C++

» Introduction to competitive programming with C++ language » Introducing various contest platforms i.e. Codeforces, UVa, Codemarshal etc. » Discussion on time and memory complexity.

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