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Video editing for beginners in Premiere Pro CC

A brief summary

Do you want to edit your videos for youtube, facebook or film production? But you do not know how to start. Then this course is for you, Here you will learn everything about video editing using one of the most used video editing software in the industry- Adobe Premiere Pro CC as a beginner.


Students should have the software adobe premiere pro installed in their computers to follow along,

Course highlight

  • Starting a project
  • Editing videos with video clips, images and audios
  • Adding transitions to video and audio
  • Adding professional titles (including motion)
  • Improving audio (including audacity)
  • Correcting and grading the color of video for great style
  • Adding visual effects in video project
  • Exporting videos with high quality playback
  • Editing green screen (changing background of any footage)
  • Professional video editing tips
  • And much more

What you will learn

At the end of the course you will be able to edit any kind of videos, moreover, start your career in video editing using Abode Premiere Pro CC.



What you will learn, installation, welcome video and project files, start a new project and understand premiere pro workspace, import-export files including media browser, organizing video clips, keyboard shortcuts


Editing video

Sequence (Facebook, youtube), timeline, adding video clip/image/audio, sync audio and video exercise, basic edits, size and position of clips exercise, multiple projects, multiple gaps, more video/audio/image resources, auto reframe



Recap previous lectures in a nutshell, add and adjust video transitions exercise, quickly add video and audio transitions from the timeline, creating a custom blur transition exercise


Adding titles in premiere pro

Create title graphics, animating, saving title card presets, essential graphics, underlining and shape layer renaming, creating title with title creator, lower third title card, scrolling end credits, lower third with motion, text animation from after effects to premiere pro (BONUS), writing in bengali font (BONUS)


Editing audio

Adjust audio levels, working with audio channels, remove background noise, better audio with EQ, audio track mixer, essential sound panel, adaptive noise reduction, remove background noise from video clip exercise, background music, audacity a bit (BONUS)


Color correction and grading

Color correcting with the lumetri panel (basic, creative, curves, color wheels, HSL secondary, vignettes), fix the white balance, fix exposure of 2 shots, color correction with adjustment layers, selective color grading (cc 19), adding multiple lumetri effects (cc 19), color masks and tracking masks


Motion in premiere pro

Motion to text titles, Ken burns photo effect, add motion to video exercise, add motion to screenshot graphics


Exporting video

Export high quality small size video, understand the export module, export full resolution video, small-file preview video, convert exported video using handbrake (BONUS)


Visual effects and advance premiere pro tips

Add and adjust a video effect to a clip, adjust effects with keyframes, use lumetri color presets, stabilize shaky video with warp stabilizer, stabilize shaky video exercise, make videos more cinematic with overlays, export a still frame from a video clip


Video speed

Edit clip speed (slow motion, reverse, speed, ramps), time remapping & speed ramps, slow motion video by interpreting video frame rate, add speed ramps to video. Stop motion animation in premiere pro


Green screen editing

Remove green screen with ultra key exercise, add a background and match to foreground subject


More about video editing

Blurring part of video, blurring animated object, camera shake, loop background video, loop audio etc.

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