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Web Development Fundamentals

A brief summary

Do you want to be a Full Stack Developer? Here is a start. Learn Zero to One about web development. In the software industry, we use lot of tools, we will learn here. This course is small footstep to become a full-stack developer.


Basic Coding Skill ( i.e, loop, else-if, variable, array, object)

Course highlight

  • - Server
  • - HTML/CSS
  • - PSD to HTML (basic)
  • - Javascript and jQuery
  • - MySQL
  • - Python/PHP
  • - NGINX/ Apache2

What you will learn

After completing this course, you will know the basic need for web development. You are able to start to build a product. This is like a foundation course of web development in the industry. There will be no problem as the fresher job in the job market.



- What is server ? - Type of servers? - Why we need server for web development? - Basic understanding in HTTP server



- What is the REST API? - Why we need REST API? - Understanding HTTP methods - Introducing JSON and XML - Why we use JSON/XML for API? - Comparison between JSON and XML - Understanding HTTP methods - Understanding HTTP status code



- Overview of HTML and CSS - Why we need HTML and CSS for web development? - History of evaluation about HTML and CSS. - Understanding HTML5 features. - Understanding CSS3 features. - Working with HTML and CSS with some examples. - Introducing CodePen for online HTML and CSS editor.


Introducing Bootstrap

- What is bootstrap? - Why we use bootstrap in web development? - Bootstrap features - How do we improve design using bootstrap? - We will discuss other design frameworks. - PSD to HTML conversion


Development Tools

- Introducing Git. - History of Git. - The vital role of git in software development. - Will know Git basic features (pull/push/merge/branch etc.) - Comparative discussion between Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab etc. - Introducing HTTP servers - Comparative discussion between Nginx and Apache2 - Installation Nginx and Apache2 - The basic configuration of Nginx and Apache2 - Basic discussion about Vagrant - Using Vagrant as test environment


Introducing Javascript

- Discussion about Javascript history. - Why we use javascript in web development? - Understanding the basic features of Javascript - Introducing jQuery - jQuery uses and importance, - Discussion about how jquery change web development concept - HTML DOM manipulation using jQuery.



- What is the database ? - Different types of databases. - Comparative discussion about database type. - How to design a database with a real-life example. - Discussion about Table JOIN - Discussion about, when using RDBMS and NoSQL - Discussion best practice in database design.



- We will develop a real-life simple project. - Will deploy project our local environment using vagrant.

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