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Complete Guide to Android & IOS App Development with React Native

A brief summary

Do you ever want to create mobile apps? Wouldn't it be so cool if you could build apps that can run seamlessly on Android and iOS at the same time? This is not a hybrid app development course which resides inside WebView rather you will learn to create powerful mobile apps with React Native which has the same performance as the native apps This course is .a step by step and complete guide to become a cross-platform mobile app developer!


Javascript, Basic Css Knowledge

Course highlight

  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Firebase
  • JS
  • ES6
  • Android & IOS App Development

What you will learn

You will learn to create cross-platform apps with react native

You will learn a very popular data management library called redux

You will learn how to create responsive design for different screen sizes

You will learn how to fetch remote data and integrate into apps properly

You will learn serverless stack firebase

and a lot more!


Section 1 - Introduction to React Native

What is React Native? How does it differ from other cross-platform mobile app development? The demand for React Native in the global app development market, How does react native work under the hood?, External Packages, Course Roadmap


Section 2 - React Native Environment Setup

Mac OSX Set Up, Windows Set Up, Code Editor Setup, All the other necessary tools set up


Section 3 - Recap Javascript and ES6

Const/Let, Variable Scope, Objects, Array Manipulation, Functions, Arrow Functions, Destructuring, Default Variables, Rest Operators, Asynchronous Fetch, Async/Await


Section 4 - React Native Basics

React & React Native Basics (Lifecycle, Props, States, Components, etc), Styling in React Native (Flexbox, CSS, Responsiveness) , Reusable component, Class-based component vs functional components, JSX


Section 5 - First App - Albums (A beautiful album list app made by React-Native)

This app will cover - How to fetch remote data, managing state and props in react lifecycle, creating reusable components, using the flat list in React-Native, adding UI components like button and other UI Components and much more!


Section 6 - Second App - Authentication App

This app will cover - Full authentication flow in react native using firebase, Login, Registration, Logout, Navigation Flow, React Navigation, Handling Text Input, Error Handling, and Validation, Flat List


Section 7 - Third App - Manager App

This app will cover - Complete Redux Concepts (Store, Actions, Reducers, etc), Full CRUD Operation in Redux, Firebase realtime Database, Managing redux state, Login & Registration


Section 8 - Advanced Concepts

React Navigation (Stack, Tab, Drawer), React Native Best Practices, React Native Animations, React Native Boilerplate, Responsive Design in React Native, Structuring project folders, Async Storage, Linking external package properly

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Abdulla Al Roman

Posted On: 08-Jan-2020

আসসালামু আলাইকুম। আমি এই কোর্স এর একজন ছাত্র। এই কোর্স এর শিক্ষক "সাদ" ভাই, এক কথায় অসাধারণ তার বুঝানোর এক্সপেরিএঞ্চ। এই কোর্স টা একটা বিগিলার লেভেলের কোর্স হলেও তিনি আমাদের intermediate level পর্যন্ত কভার করেছেন। সুতরাং React Native Mobile App Development (beginner to intermediate) শেখার জন্য এই কোর্স এক কথাই অসাধারণ। 100/100.

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Posted On: 12-Oct-2019

Yes he was good. As i missed last couple of classes that is why i did not give the tasks that instructor gave us.. That was my fault but the instructor was very good and well planned in his lesson. Thank you

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