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Master in Graphic Design

A brief summary

This course has been designed with effective practical components that makes you a professional/ commercial Graphic designer. From the Design principle to Understanding graphic software to Deigning graphic materials- this course is highly structured, concrete, and substantial.

Make Industry standard and User focused design that always win.

So, Ignite your aesthetic sense and be a perfectionist!


Very basic Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Course highlight

  • Live practice by using Pencil, Paper, Software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint)
  • Getting knowledge on Typography, Shape and Color and Composition
  • Understanding different Graphic Software and their purpose of use
  • Hands on practice to design Marketing and Brand assets like Logo, Brand Collateral, Advertisement etc
  • Beginner to Intermediate shift in Infographic design and presentation design
  • Live examples and theoretical content
  • Portfolio and Career Consultancy.

What you will learn

Proficient use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Knowledge on Typography, color and compositions fundamentals. And be able to decide which typeface, color and pattern to use.

Photo retouching and Manipulation

Brand Collateral Design like Logo, Business Card. Letterhead, Menu etc to make a differential brand.

Marketing Material design like advertisement, banner, leaflet etc to boost sale.

Brochure and Magazine Magazine design

Taking advantage of graphic knowledge in data visualization and business presentation.


Module 01: History and Principles of Graphic Design

- Form follow function (fof) - Age of Advertising - Design forms and Key Figures = Duality and Simplicity - Swiss Design - Design and Business - Elements of Design


Module 02: Fundamentals of Typography

- Anatomy of Letter, Words and Spacing - Typeface, Fonts, Categories - Human psychology on reading - Typography composition


Module 03: Fundamentals of Shape and Color

- Understanding on Graphic Shapes, Marks, Icons and Symbols - Color theory and Working with color - Color Psychology - Mixing Color: Paint, Print and Screen - Rhythm and Pattern - Color and Typography Resources


Module 04: Fundamentals of Composition

- Principles of Composition - Visual, Single, Multiple, Type and Image Contrast - Composition in a single Image - Composition Hierarchy


Module 05: Software know-how

- Understanding different Design Software (Free and Premium) - Difference between Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator - Understanding different file format and their usages - Raster and Vector Graphics


Module 06: Adobe Photoshop Basic

- Getting Familiarity with Photoshop Interface and Document Setup - Tools Understanding (Move, Rectangle Marquee, Lasso, Magic and Quick Selection, Crop, Eyedropper, Spot, healing, Patch, Brush, Clone Stamp, History Stamp, Eraser, Gradient, Blur, Dodge, Pen, Type, Selection, Direct Selection, Hand and Zoom tool) - Cohesion between Tools and Panels - Getting knowledge about Image Resolution - Workspace, Windows, Layers and Preference


Module 07: Adobe Illustrator Basic

- Getting Familiarity with Illustrator Interface and Document Setup - Tools Understanding (Selection, Magic Wand, Lasso, Pen, Type, Line, Rectangle, Paint Brush, Shaper, Eraser, Rotate & Reflect, Scale, Shear, Shape builder, Mesh, Gradient, Eye Drop, Blend, Spray, Graph, Slice, Knife, Perspective Grid, Wrap, Twirl, Pucker tools and many more...) - Cohesion between Tools and Panels - Illustration technique - Icon Design - Workspace, Windows, Layers and Preference


Module 08: Logo Design and Brand Identity

- Golden Rules of Logo Design - Moodboard, Sketch, Illustration and Output of Logo - How to create logo design questionnaire - Different types of Logo - Tips to create a Creative and Minimal Logo - Components of Brand Identity - Project Work


Module 09: Photo Retouching and Manipulation

- Difference between Retouching and Manipulation - Color Correction - Image Enhancement and Transforming Technique - Advance knowledge on Masking. Blending and Adjustment Technique - Spot or Unwanted object removal from skin and image as well - Background removal - Destructive Vs Non destructive design work - Project Work


Module 10: Brand Collateral Design

- Business Card - Folder - Letterhead - Envelop - Letterhead - ID card - Merchandise (T-shirt, Cap, Mug, Backpack etc) - Calendar - Food Menu - Invoice and Quotation - Certificate - Mockup technique and Resources - Project Work


Module 11: Advertising Material Design

- Newspaper and Magazine Ad - Flyer (Single, Bi fold, Tri Fold) - Invitation Card - One Pager - Billboard - Xbanner - Backdrop - Vehicle Branding - Mockup technique and Resources - Printing Technique - Project Work


Module 12: Brochure and Magazine Design

- Understanding Layout - Product Brochure Design - E-book - Magazine Design like Times Magazine - Project Work


Module 13: Infographics Design

- Components of Infographics - How to Create Story - Visualization Technique of Qualitative and Quantitative data - Output and Optimization - Project Work


Module 14: Digital Marketing Material Design

- Ad banner sizes and designing Ad banner - Cheat Sheet of Image Size for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube - Graphical Asset Design for Facebook (Page Profile Picture, Cover Photo, Story. Layout Dynamics) - Graphical Asset Design for Linkedin and Twitter (Profile Picture, Banner) - Graphical Asset Design Instagram (Photo Post, Video Post, IGTV cover Photo, Stories) - Graphical Asset Design for YouTube (Profile Picture and Banner Image for Channel) - Project Work


Module 15: Presentation Design in Microsoft Powerpoint

- Understanding Microsoft Powerpoint - Understanding Page Layout - Design a presentation - Infographics Visualization in Presentation - Animation Tips and Tricks - Creating a Template for a Brand - Project Work


Module 16: Portfolio and Graphic designer as a Career

- How to build a Designer CV and Portfolio - How to win on Design Test at Interview - Answering design questing at Interview - Design Consultancy and freelancing opportunity - How to make quotation of Design Project

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