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DevOps Fundamental Course

A brief summary

The DevOps Fundamentals Course is designed to provide the core education necessary to build your DevOps vocabulary and to understand its principles and practices DevOps tools . With the help of key DevOps Culture,concepts and terminology, real life case studies, examples and interactive group discussions and extensive exercises in each module you will acquire a fundamental understanding of DevOps.


Cloud Fundamentals,1-2 years of job experiences in software industry as Software Developer,System Admin,Cloud Engineer etc.

Course highlight

  • You will have access to AWS account to practice everything on your own (Related to AWS DevOps and other Integration and Deployment)
  • You will get video recording from each class
  • Practical assignments that help you get familiar with real-world DevOps Culture and Tools
  • Group activity among students to share knowledge
  • Real-Time experiences share with the students
  • Online Test Exam
  • Course Materials

What you will learn

After this course, you will get fundamentals ideas, concept and real-life uses of DevOps tools, concepts. You will also cope with the DevOps culture and mindset.


What is DevOps. Overview of DevOps.

● What is DevOps? Why DevOps and How DevOps Culture overcome legacy complexity. ● DevOps Market Trends and software development methodology (SDLC). ● Agile, Waterfall & DevOps development procedure. ● DevOps Ecosystem and Understand the IT Service development and deployment process.


AWS Introduction and Solution Architect perspective.

● Introduction to Cloud Computing ● Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS) ● Compute Services (EC2 Instances, Elastic Beanstalk, ● AMI Etc.) ● Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) ● LOAD BALANCING & Auto Scaling ● Network, Content Delivery related and Domain hosting related services. (VPC, SG, NACL, API Gateway, Route53, Cloudfront etc.) ● Amazon Route 53 ● Security & Identity Services, (IAM, ACM etc.) ● Storage & Content Delivery Services, (S3, EBS, EFS, Storage Gateway, Glacier etc.) ● Database Services (RDS, NoSQL Service) ● Management Tools (Amazon Cloud watch, config etc.,) ● Application Services (SES, SQS, SNS, etc.) ● Real Time experiences Share with the Students


Jenkins Integration

● Branching and Merging in Git ● What is Jenkins? ● What is CI? ● Why CI is Required? ● Introduction to Jenkins (With Architecture) ● Why CD is required? ● How to create and run CI/CD Pipeline? ● Jenkins Management ● Adding a slave node to Jenkins ● Pipeline as a Code ● Building Delivery Pipeline


Containerization with Docker: Ecosystem and Networking

● Introduction to Docker ● Introduction to Dockerfile and images ● Introduction to Dockerhub and containerization ● Running Hello World in Docker ● Docker Compose ● Managing Containers ● Running Containers ● Introduction to Docker Networking ● Docker Container Networking


Configuration Management with Ansible

● What is Ansible? ● And Ansible Installation ● Ansible Hosts ● Configuring Ansible Roles ● Write Playbooks


Containerization using Kubernetes

● Introduction to Kubernetes ● Revisiting Kubernetes Cluster Architecture ● Basic and Installation of Kubernetes ● Creating a Service in Kubernetes ● Installing the Kubernetes Dashboard ● Networking in Kubernetes


Service Mesh- Istio

● What is Service Mesh and Istio? ● What is Istio and how it works? ● Core features of Service Mesh ● Service mesh and Istio Architecture


Code Build, SCM and Testing

● Maven,Gradle,Ant basics ● Github and Github Actions Basics ● Basic of Test automation from a CICD tools.



● Grafana ● Prometheus


Load Balancer

● ELB ● ALB ● NLB ● Nginx


AWS DevOps Knowledge

● AWS DevOps tool’s introduction ● AWS CI/CD Pipeline Deployment Automation with the necessary tools


Automated cloud infrastructure management (IaC service)

● CloudFormation ● Terraform - Basic and Introduction


DevOps Quiz Test

● DevOps Quiz Test with experience sharing

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Students feedback/comment about this course

Student Photo

MD Ashraf Bhuiya

Posted On: 14-Dec-2020

It is a very well design and excellent course.. Having the opportunity to learn from a well DevOps experienced Khalid Bin Sattar. The course was great it answered questions I had about DevOps and provide a good guideline and references to work with. The assignments were good and cemented the learning undertaken. As a fresher in DevOps l learned a lot.

Student Photo

A. K. M. Rafiqul Alam

Posted On: 11-Dec-2020

This course is a great opportunity to learn DevOps from scratch. Course content is very rich and well organized. Course mentor is a great DevOps experienced professional teacher. He always helps us as we need and guide as always. The question-answer session helps us very much to clear the understanding of any topic. The Assignment helps us to the practical implementation of the learning. In one word, Excellent Course.

Student Photo

Md.Moazzem Hossain Tanvir

Posted On: 11-Dec-2020

It is a very well design and excellent course. This Course almost cover every topic of DevOps culture and engineering. It is a good opportunity to learn from a highly qualified and experienced course instructor who taught every topic and tools very practical way. Thank you our course instructor Mr. Khalid Bin Satter and DevSkill for arranging such a great course. I hope in future DevSkill arrange Advance DevOps Course.

Student Photo

Sajid Khan

Posted On: 09-Dec-2020

Well designed and unique course contents that covered almost every topics of DevOps culture and engineering. The course instructor Mr. Khalid Bin Satter is highly qualified and experienced who taught every topics and tools very practical way. His knowledge sharing capability is main attraction of this course. It is highly recommended course both fresh and experienced professional who intend to build strong foundation on DevOps practices and tools. Thank you DevSkill for arranging such a great course.

Student Photo

Md Zafar Imam

Posted On: 09-Dec-2020

The class content was interesting, The level and depth of information is just right. We know enough to understand concepts. Exercise was helpful. Khalid Bin Sattar bhiya has a good speaking and teaching style which keeps me interested. Lots of concrete professional examples which make it easier to understand. Very good slides which are well formulated and easy to understand.

Student Photo

Abdun Nur Tomal

Posted On: 08-Dec-2020

Excellent course. Having the oportunity to learn from a well DevOps experienced teacher. The course was great it answered questions I had about DevOps and provide a good guideline and references to work with.The assignments were good and cemented the learning undertaken.

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