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Developing Scalable Software With AWS

A brief summary

In this course we will deep dive into AWS services and use them in real life applications. We will learn about advance use cases. After this course, you will be able to develop professional applications that use AWS cloud services.


1 years of professional experience in software development

Course highlight

  • In depth analysis of AWS services with practical use cases
  • Opportunity to use and implement IaaS & PaaS, SaaS services
  • Hand-on lab with exercise and tests
  • Course material available in Bangla

What you will learn

From this course, you will learn how to design and develop scalable software using AWS cloud services. You will feel confident in creating and managing AWS resources. You will be able to optimize cost and fine tune performance. You can also take this course as a foundation for your AWS certification exams.


Introduction to AWS services

In this section we will learn what is Cloud & Cloud services. We will learn about IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. We will also learn where AWS stands in the cloud computing market and what features it provides that we can use.


Deep Dive into EC2

In this session, we will learn about various EC2 features such as VM, AMI, Load Balancers, Security configurations, Private Cloud and so on. We will see how we can create and manage these resources and how we can optimize billing and can monitor performance.


Using Relational Databases

In this section, we will learn about various relational database systems that are provided by AWS and we will learn about their pros & cons. We will use these services and integrate with some sample application.


Access and Security Management

We will cover a very important aspect of cloud computing - Access and Security control. Here we will use IAM and various other services that help us to control access in AWS resources.


Introduction to DynamoDB

Here we will learn about AWS NoSQL database - DynamoDB. We will learn what is this and how it is different from relational databases. We will learn how to create and store data in DynamoDB and what concerns we need to keep in mind to use it.


Route53 - Managing your DNS

In this session we will see how we can integrate custom domain and manage DNS records using Route53. We will see how we can integrate it with Load Balancer and AWS services


Queueing message with SQS

We will learn about SQS and how we can queue message in it. We will create and manage queues and consume message from it through our real life applications.


CloudFront Integration for better performance

We will see how we can use CloudFront CDN service and improve performance of our applications. We will create and manage CloudFront integration with our real life application.


Messaging with AWS

In this section we will learn how we can use SES for sending email and SNS for notification and subscription services. We will use these features in our real life application to understand their use cases.


Architecting Reliable Software

In this section, we will see some professional architecture of cloud infrastructure to understand what factors we need to consider when we design a scalable and reliable software system.

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