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Professional Cyber Security Career

A brief summary

Cyber Security is a vital part of day to day Information Technology domain. If you are a programmer, system analyst, system administrator, students or a general computer user, it is better to understand IT Security/ Cyber Security to keep yourself safe and protected from cyber threats and cyber criminals. This course is designed to mentor you with practical labs, industry knowledge & real-life experience.

After successful completion of this course you will have a solid baseline knowledge and confidence to become a IT Security Analyst /Cyber Security Analyst .


Basic programming knowledge, PC/Laptop with minimum 8 GB RAM, Ensure 6-8 hrs/week practice time.

Course highlight

  • Introduction to IT & Cyber Security Overview; Career Track detail discussion & course outcome. 
  • Lab Setup for Cyber Security Attack Simulation (VirtualBox, Kali Linux, Metasploit, WinXP, Win 10, Win 2019 Server & others)
  • Python Fundamentals required for IT Security
  • Linux Fundamentals required for IT Security
  • Cybersecurity Tools & it's application (Nmap, Wireshark, process hacker, Win Debugger x64 etc ) and how to use them efficiently. 
  • Incident Response Phases and detail discussion
  • Various CTF (Capture the Flag) Box Solution
  • Pen testing with reporting.
  • Cyber Security Interview Preparation
  • Cyber Security Fiverr gig tips/tricks
  • Mock interview with Cyber Security Industry experts.

What you will learn

After successful completion of this course you will have a solid baseline knowledge and confidence to become a IT Security Analyst /Cyber Security Analyst .


Introduction to IT & Cyber Security Overview

Overview of IT Security Branches & Domains of IT Security Cyber Sec Opportunities / Home & Abroad Job Opportunities in Cyber Security


Linux fundamentals required for IT Security

Linux commands summary Files & directory structures Users and privileges Services


Python required for IT Security

Strings Conditional Statements Operators & Maths Functions Loops List File Operation


Cybersecurity Tools & Applications

NMAP Metasploit Process Hacker x64dbg others


Security Lab Setup

VirtualBox Kali XP Metasploit Box Win-Server Win-10


Reconnaissance Overview

Theory Tools & Techniques Lab Simulation


Scanning and Enumeration

Tools & Techniques Enumerating HTTP Enumerating SMB Lab simulation


Vulnerability Management & Web Pretesting

Tools & Techniques Pen Testing simulation lab Pen Test Report Sample


Malware Analysis

Sample analysis using lab Malware analysis using OSINT tools


Use of OSINT ( Open Source Intelligence)

Tools & Techniques Practical Scenarios


Incident Response & Analysis

Detail discussion about phases Tools & Techniques Discussion about various real life scenarios


Security information and event management (SIEM)

Introduction to various SIEM solutions Introduction to Splunk ( with free Certification ) Wazuh


Active Directory Attack Scenario

Introduction Lab setup Complete Simulation & practice of AD Attacks


Phishing Email Analysis

Email Header Analysis Phishing Email Analysis and Mitigation


Intrusion Detection System

Introduction to IDS / IPS System & Lab Setup How to install Snort and creating rules to detect threat


Security Projects using Python

Sample project ideas and implementation How to create custom tools using python.


Overview of CompTIA Security+ Exam

Introduction to CompTIA Security+ Exam How to take preparation with roadmap


Job Interview Preparation

Mock interview with working Security professionals.

Next Batches

No upcoming batches available.

Students feedback/comment about this course

Student Photo

Md Nahid Mondol

Posted On: 10-Jun-2021

Alhamdulillah! From beginning to end, this course is a remarkable experience, and thanks to our superb mentor Md Mashihoor Rahman who guides us through the incredible journey. This is not a regular Cyber Security video course. It's a intensive practical training to become an elite IT Security Analyst (SOC Analyst/Incident Responder). Throughout this training, I have gained an understanding of various concepts, Cybersecurity Compliance, Cybersecurity FRAMEWORK(NIST, ISO, SOC2) methodological approach to build and best practices an excellent highly responsible cybersecurity team to support Small and medium, Large-sized enterprises. In the beginning, there are plenty of concepts that I didn’t fully comprehend but after completing the hands-on Lab, SOC simulation, Metasploit, vulnerability Scanning tools(Nikto, Nmap, Burp Suite, SOL Map, ZenMap, dirt, WPScan, Nessus, Snort, Social Engineering Toolkit(SET)), network analysis tools, etc make a perfect sense to me. The entire course is designed to acquire skills by frequent learning & practicing(live Lab). In fact, there is so much more than just technicality. I have also learned higher education abroad, integrity, professionalism, management, career secrets. Mashihoor Sir teach & guide to the right answer. Attending this training, I have learned not only about Cybersecurity but also received the Foundation to build any kind of Cybersecurity team(SOC Center). The aim of this arduous journey is to push someone to reach beyond their limits.

Student Photo

Taufiq Elahi

Posted On: 03-Jun-2021

This course is very informative and excellent for beginners who wants to start their career in cyber security. Our mentor is very friendly and he knows what is best for us. He is a great mentor and I am very lucky to get a mentor like him.

Student Photo

Lamiya Rahman

Posted On: 31-May-2021

This is my first class with devskill. And i am really happy now that i choose it. Thank you devskill to offer an excellent course like this. I want to request devskill to arrange more cyber security courses. Our instructor is the best choice for this course. He knows what will be the best for us. He is supportive, friendly and of course a very good teacher and mentor. We can comfortably ask our queries. He knows how to show the path to the beginners. And the most best part is he can make us confident about our future. Thank you Mashihoor Rahman vaia.

Student Photo

sadman sihab

Posted On: 27-May-2021

I am very pleased with Devskill that they provide us with the best course in Cyber Security & also feel proud to get a mentor like Mr,Mashihoor. Our mentor not only a mentor he is very friendly, helpful, Feels free to discussion any time, responsible in teaching and solving problems. Mr ,Mashihoor is very professional and well experienced in Cyber security field. He always prefers team works which is very effective for us, suggests us international books and paid course in free course. He tries to provide us international standard training. I would like to recommend Dev Skill to continue this program for the next batches through Mr mashihoor sir.

Student Photo

Abdul High Nayeem

Posted On: 25-May-2021

This course was very informative. It provided base-level info and detail in an easy-to-digest flow. The instructor is really clear and provides good context around the topics covered. In this course, I learned so much more about various network security hacks, attacks, vulnerabilities, and the methods and tools to mitigate the attacks. Overall This course gave me the right track on "Cyber Security Career ". And most important thing "Md Mashihoor Rahman" is an Amazing mentor for this sector. I want to Thank "Md Mashihoor Rahman" Sir and "DevSkill" for providing this course.

Student Photo

Md Jahidul Islam Jahid

Posted On: 22-May-2021

I would definitely recommend to all cybersecurity enthusiasts to enroll this course because the instructor Md Mashihoor Rahman sir explains all concepts with real time scenarios & practical lab. It was amazing learning experience.

Student Photo

Mihir Roy

Posted On: 16-May-2021

First of all I want to thank sir(Md Mashihoor Rahman). We usually see in the courses that the teaching attitude of the instructor is less but our sir has helped a lot. What I have learned from him is much more than what I thought. Although the course is written for beginner level but not beginner level. This leads to intermediate level. I would like to thank sir again and thank dev skill for starting the course.

Student Photo

Debjyoty Sarkar

Posted On: 16-May-2021

I have learnt a lot of things from our mentor Md Mashihoor Rahman. By doing this course, I understood the paths/tracks associated with this career as well as learnt new interesting topics which is unknown to me. His sessions were understandable and well paced. Most importantly, he guides us pretty well with lots of resources, training materials. I feel lucky enough to have him as my mentor.

Student Photo

Naimul Islam

Posted On: 09-May-2021

Jazakallahu khairan DevSkill for providing this wonderful international level course. Our mentor Mashihoor vai tried his best to give us in depth knowledge of every topic he could cover. Alhamdulillah, I'm very much fortunate to get such a mentor.

Student Photo

Md.Monirul Islam

Posted On: 04-May-2021

Our mentor Mr ,Mashihoor is very professional & has vast knowledge in Cyber security field. He is not only our mentor but also a very kind & humble person. He teach us all criteria in Cyber Security field & also shown us the way how we can enhance our knowledge in Security field of IT. He always push us by providing various books, free courses ,several types of tutorial to sharpen our knowledge. He try to provide us International Standard Cyber Security training & Alhamdullilah, he done it successfully. I am very grateful to Devskill to provide us the best course in Cyber Security & also feel proud to get a mentor like Mr,Mashihoor.

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